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Caffeine Bullet

Ginger Roars Energy Chews

Ginger Roars Energy Chews

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Packed with 33 mg of caffeine and raw ginger, these chewable treats are your secret weapon to stay energised, focused, without keeping you up all night. When your energy dips a bit, you don't always want a massive whack of caffeine that rips your heart out of your chest. At only 17 calories per chew, they make for the perfect, healthy snack for adults. We want everyone to experience the amazing benefits of Ginger Roars, so you'll be happy to know they're vegan too!

  • Vegan Friendly
  • 33 mg of Caffeine Per Chew
  • Less than 17 Calories
  • 6 Individually Wrapped Gummies per Pack
  • Perfect for On the Go
  • Delicious Taste
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Less Risk of Sleep Disruption

Ginger Roar Chews are not just ordinary candy. They’re deliciously tasty snacks that renew your energy. We combine raw ginger with virgin coconut oil, cassava root and cane sugar. The result? A full flavoured energy treat that purrrfectly aligns with any lifestyle, (including plant-based!) without compromising on taste or quality.

With Ginger Roars, you have the power to customise your caffeine dosage to match your needs. At 33mg caffeine per chew, you can take one for a little lift or 2-3+ for a mighty roar giving you more control. It's the perfect choice for those who want a more precise and gentler alternative to our traditional caffeine bullet


The gentle fire of ginger marries the sweetness of cane sugar and the delicate touch of virgin coconut oil, resulting in the purrfect energy gummies that taste just like candy.

Crafted from raw ginger, virgin coconut oil, cassava root & cane sugar for a full-flavoured, plant-based energy treat without compromising on taste or quality.

On The Go Energy

Individually wrapped for convenience, a roar of energy wherever life takes you.

No Nasties

No artificial flavours, No artificial sweeteners, No artificial colours, No artificial preservatives, Just Roarsome Clean Energy.

Low Calorie

At just 17 calories per chew, Ginger Roars are the purrfect snack for anyone looking for a naturally refreshing energy boost without a sugar crash.

Multiple Uses

Ginger Roars are perfect for anything from little lift in the office to a big boost for a hard gym session, they're purrfect for every occasion.

Gentle Little Lift

A delicious 33mg caffeine nudge to keep you energised through your day without disrupting your sleep.

No Crashes

Unlike energy drinks and pre-workouts, Ginger Roars provide a sustained energy boost without the crash.

Fiery Energy Kick

Brace yourself for a thrilling and fiery kick that will power you through the day.

A Little Lift to a Mighty ROAR!
Faster Kick Than Caffeine Gels & Energy Drinks
A Little Lift to a Mighty ROAR!
Faster Kick Than Caffeine Gels & Energy Drinks
A Little Lift to a Mighty ROAR!
Faster Kick Than Caffeine Gels & Energy Drinks
A Little Lift to a Mighty ROAR!
Faster Kick Than Caffeine Gels & Energy Drinks

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