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Cotton Heaven

Cotton Heaven Teddy Fleece Fitted Sheet

Cotton Heaven Teddy Fleece Fitted Sheet

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FLEECE MATERIAL: Enjoy the sumptuous softness and warmth of a double bed sheet crafted from high-quality teddy bear fleece, providing a cozy and inviting sleeping surface.

SNUG & COMFORTABLE: The teddy bear bed sheets double Bed fleece material offers a plush and comfortable feel, creating a snug environment for a restful night's sleep.

EASY FIT: The bedsheets for double bed is designed with elasticized edges, ensuring a secure and snug fit around your mattress, preventing slipping or bunching.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Fitted sheet double bed ideal for those with allergies, the hypoallergenic teddy bear fleece material minimizes the risk of irritation, creating a sleep-friendly environment.

EASY TO MANTAIN: The teddy bear fleece fitted sheet double bed is often machine washable, allowing for easy care and maintenance, ensuring a clean and fresh sleeping surface.

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