Why Should I Link With Boundless?

In the early stages of TikTok Shop, joining an affiliate agency like Boundless will help you with:

  • Receiving more samples
  • Working with brands that generate great sales
  • Assistance with making effective shoppable videos
  • Monthly Bonuses


Bonuses For Linked Creators - Valid until September 30th 2023

In addition to the commission you generate from your sales on TikTok Shop, Boundless are able to offer creators bonuses. Bonuses are offered to linked creators when you generate sales figures over certain levels from brands requested on our store. In order to be eligible for this you must accept an invite link from the brand.

  • Bonuses are only available to linked creators

$5K sales - $100

$10K sales - $200

$20K sales - $400

$30K sales - $600

$40K sales - $1000

$50K + = $1200 + 5%

Payment terms:

Bonuses are calculated on a monthly basis. Payments are sent at the end of the following month. If you are unlinked during a payment period you will forfeit your bonus payment.

Accepting the Link:

  • Go to your TikTok Profile
  • Tap the TikTok Shop Tab
  • Enter TikTok Shop
  • Hit the Notification bell on the top right
  • Accept link request from Boundless MGT