Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Joining Boundless as a Creator

  1. Are there any fees to join? No, we don't charge any fees for joining Boundless or participating in commission-based campaigns.

  2. How many items can I order? You can order one product at a time to ensure efficient processing, each with its own shipping and tracking.

  3. How many items can I request? There's currently no limit, but without specific guidance from Boundless, we can't guarantee processing.

  4. What's expected in collaborations? You'll have creative control in TikTok Shop campaigns. We ask you to post within 10 days of receiving the item and link the product in your video.

  5. How do I earn money? You'll earn commissions based on the sales generated by your video – a potentially lucrative opportunity.

  6. Do I need to promote on other socials? You only need to post on TikTok with a shoppable link in your video.

  7. Can't find something I like? If you can't find anything on TikTok Shop, email us, and we'll explore options for you.

  8. What are the deadlines? Please post within 10 days of receiving your item.

  9. Can I work non-exclusively? Yes, we work with brands that don't require TikTok Shop links.

  10. Is there an obligation to post? Yes, timely posting is essential. Failure to do so may affect future collaborations.

  11. Which brands are you working with? Visit our website to see our current brand partnerships.

  12. Do you pay flat fees for videos? Rarely, we offer performance-related bonuses, perfect for creators who produce shoppable content.

  13. Can I post videos from other gifted brands? Absolutely, we encourage it.

  14. Can I post videos of products I love on TikTok Shop? Yes, many successful creators do exactly that.

Join Boundless and unleash your creative potential!