Are there any fees I have to pay?

No, we don’t take fees from creators for joining the agency or agreeing to commission based campaigns.

How many items can I order?

You can only place an order for one product at a time so that we can process requests individually as each item will be shipped at different times with different tracking numbers.

How many items can I request?

At the moment there is no limit, but unless you have been directed to a specific page by someone from Boundless, there is no guarantee that your request will be processed.

What are the deliverables with collaborations?

It’s a TikTok Shop based campaign, where you would have creative control of the campaign. All we would ask is that you post within 10 days of receiving the item and make sure you link the product to your video.

Will I be earning money through TikTok Shop only or paid a set amount to promote the content?

You will be paid commission based on the sales from your video. This can be very lucrative for many creators.

Do I need to promote the content on my socials? If so, what socials?

The only expectation is that you post that content on TikTok and include a shoppable link in your video.

What are the deadline dates?

Please post within 10 days of receiving your item.

Is it possible to work on a non-exclusive basis?

Yes, we work with many brands who don’t require “linking” via TikTok Shop to work with us.

Is there any obligation to post?

Yes, whilst we can’t force you to do a gifted + commission campaign. Those who do not post within a timely manner, will be blocked from requesting further items or working with Boundless again in the future.

What brands are you working with and interested in partnering with?

Please browse the website to see the brands we are working with.

How many products can I request from Spotlight (formerly Trendy Beat), and how can I promote them?

This is only available to our linked creators.